Though Pittsburgh is not the wine capital of US, the local brewers and wine makers produce some delightful wine. The wineries in Pittsburgh go ahead the standard batch of ripened grapes to produce some unique wine. The following are some of the best wineries that are worth a visit in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Winery, Strip District

Wine in this region tastes good as the weather pattern allows only a particular variety of grapes to grow. The finest wine in this region often comes from sugar-rich grapes like Niagara or Concord. Pittsburgh winery imports grapes from major wine growing regions around the world.

Pittsburgh winery is located at 2815 Penn Avenue, Strip District.

Arsenal Cider House, Lawrenceville

As the name suggests, Arsenal Cider House is famous for its cider. Cider is a tasty beverage that is extracted from the fermentation of apples. Arsenal Cider House has a wide range of wines and flavored ciders. Sour cherry and blueberry are some of their best beverages.

Arsenal Cider House is located at 300 39th Street, Lawrenceville.

Apis Mead & Winery, Carnegie

Mead, the sweet alcohol made from fermented honey, is what you would like to taste at Apis Mead & Winery in Carnegie. They have traditional meads, aged meads, and flavored meads. Their best mead is “Honey Moon,” a mead that consists of yeasts and flavors similar to a Saison beer.


Apis Mead & Winery is located at 212 E. Main street, Carnegie.

Enginehouse 25 Winery, Lawrenceville

The unique winery is located in the basement of the Roberto Clemente Museum. As a matter of fact, the owner of the museum owns the winery as well. Visitors can take a tour to the cellar as part of the tour to the museum. Enginehouse25  ships in grapes from various grape-growing regions around the world, similar to Pittsburgh Winery. The oak barrels are made from Pennsylvania oak. The oak trees are sent to Australia and made into barrels and shipped back to Pittsburgh.

Enginehouse 25 Winery is located at 3339 Penn Avenue, Lawrenceville

Hog Dog Winery, Reserve Township

Established in 2016, Hog Dog Winery has a wide range of wine like white, red, and flavored wines. Some of their best-flavored wines are cranberry pomegranate, and 18% alcohol banana. The winery is also famous for some of its unique combinations, with tomato, pumpkin, and watermelon.

Hog Dog Winery is located at 3500, Spring Garden Avenue, Reserve Township.