The Association of Vineyard Churches is a Neo-charismatic Orthodox Christian community.  The founder of Vineyard movement, John Wimber, formed five churches in 1982. Now it has over 1,500 affiliated churches worldwide. Churches in the Vineyard movement are orthodox in their basic doctrine and are evangelical in nature.

Some churches in the Vineyard movement promote specific divine gifts such as healing and casting out demons. The initial goal of the Vineyard movement is to unite solid evangelical theology with Pentecostal expressions of the Holy Spirit. The purpose was to “allow the spirit to move in its ways that we don’t expect.” Though, the openness to the divine inventiveness allowed the doctrines and practices to penetrate its ranks. For example, “Toronto Blessing” started in a vineyard church. But, the vineyard movement realized the danger and isolated itself from that specific anomaly. Vineyard movement is not a clan. Rather, the vineyard churches are a part of the body of Christ.

Beliefs of the Vineyard Church

The five beliefs that distinguish the vineyard movement from other churches are as follows:

  1. Church Planting

One factor that defines vineyard churches more than anything else is the act of church planting. The vineyard movement believes that the best way to expand the God’s kingdom is through the establishment of local churches.

  1. Contemporary worship

Vineyard movement practices a contemporary form of worship in their Sunday services. This form of worship makes the modern Christian music a central element of worship while focusing less on traditional hymns, prayers.


  1. Gifts of the spirit

Dissimilar to some traditional faith, the Vineyard movement does not believe the gifts of the Spirit terminate after the evangelical time.  These gifts of the Holy Spirit includes gifts like speaking in tongues, healing and casting out demons.

  1. Clergy selected from membership

Unlike many other traditional churches, the pastors and ministers are not trained in institutes.  They are chosen from among the member who has the most experience in serving the church.

  1. Experience God

Besides simply reading the bible and listening to Sunday preachings, vineyard movement seeks to strengthen its members to experience God in their every day lives.