Fun Hobby

Considering that a standard garden takes a lot of time, energy and space; we are not all blessed enough to have all of those things available, therein will fall the condensed container garden. In most cases when you initially begin your container gardening experience; you will probably have one pot with a favorite plant in it. Once you have gotten into your first project, you can get a little more risky and put a few more plants together. Once you have begun checking into container gardening; you will understand how much fun you can have doing it and will want to learn all there is to know about it.

What to Plant

The plants in your garden need to have enough water, something you need to consider before planting your container garden. Due to the fact that your container garden is not in the earth, more water will be necessary. The number one reason that container gardens do not work is that they do not receive enough water to survive. This is due to the fact that plants in the ground can have their roots grow deeper to find more water, something that cannot be done in a container garden. Since they are in a container, it is up to you to water them regularly. Factors that also need to be taken into consideration is the time of year that you planted the seeds, the type of plants that you are growing, and the moisture level of the soil.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

You may consider a great container garden that is located inside. This type of garden would be ideal for anyone who lives in a place with no yard or has a lot of extra room inside their home. A patio or balcony will suffice as well for your outside plants; however you can put plants indoors and they will still flourish.

There are artificial lighting systems available if your plants are in a place where they cannot get natural light from the sun. Herbs do very will inside and if you place them in or near your kitchen; you will have them close at hand. You can also plant some veggies in containers, like lettuce, cucumbers and small varieties of tomatoes.

Taking a little extra time to consider the colors of the plants you will grow has a lot to do with the rooms they will be in or the location that you will place the container outside. Depending upon the color of the plants that you grow, they can have positive or negative effects on the mood of those that are near the plants themselves. Subtle colors such as pink or peach can make people feel subdued whereas bright colors like orange and red can make people feel energetic. If you are just growing herbs or plants that you can eat or observe, respectively, this is no problem – just be courteous to those that may be sensitive to certain colors in a room.

Depending upon the location of your container garden, choose plants that will easily flourish based upon their location. With enough effort, you can even adjust the temperature and humidity to accommodate exotic plants from other parts of the world. Once you try container gardening, you’ll find many more benefits than we have mentioned in this article.